How to make a good wedding fashion fresh style

1, the choice of location

Shooting small fresh style wedding must be selected locations, such as forests, campus, flowers of this kind can be used as the style of filming locations. Of course, if you are tired of this higher exposure scenarios, also can be in their own areas, or have a special meaning in the park lake to shoot a group of small fresh style wedding, this is a very good choice.

2, the choice of clothing

Small fresh style wedding photography does not have to be put on the wedding dress neatly, new people can choose according to some jumping color preferences, such as lemon yellow, grass green, sky blue, sweet powder etc.. A variety of colors and styles of clothing can make the entire screen filled with youthful and lively atmosphere, more in line with the theme of the film.

3, make up modelling

Since the shooting is a small fresh style wedding, so other natural makeup to simple, fresh, so it can be the most close to the real life. In the makeup color local can be exaggerated, such as rouge, eye shadow. But it should be noted that we must avoid heavy make-up, otherwise it is completely inconsistent with the artistic conception.

4, item selection

Props of choice for wedding photography effect is very important, for the small fresh style of the wedding, there are many kinds of props available. If you took place in a park or balloons, flowers, flowers, so hat can be for your photos to the effect of extra points. If you want to shoot the wedding is full of life, then you can choose a pen, a book or a more exaggerated lollipops, this can make the wedding is full of sweet evening dress

5, take action

Small fresh wedding pictures of action is still pretty much, as long as people try to show a new side can be relaxed and natural. For example, the scorching sun location as can be a hand shading posture, campus couple wedding can be two people warm and close together, if it is in the park can also reach out to cover one eye showed a nifty and lovely feeling. In short, as long as the new people to relax at the time of the shooting, to show the true self can be.



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