Winter car maintenance is required to do three items

With the gradual decline in temperature, the cold winter weather slowly coming, not only need to pay attention to keep warm, the car must also pay attention to frequently check the fine service to maintain the best condition, so the owners should be how to winter car maintenance work together to look at.

A lamp

Perhaps the most common lamp shall not exist in auto parts, but is one of the most important, especially the winter fog lights and fog effect is all the more important, recommended that owners in the usual time to pay more attention to the use of inspection lamp.truck tyre


Winter rain and snow weather frequently, especially after the snow cleaning vehicle owners must be timely, because the water is acidic, for a certain corrosive paint, so the owner must be timely cleaning. In addition we must pay attention to use warm water to wash the car, so as not to damage the car paint. Especially the automobile chassis to properly clean up.


The wiper is small, but the effect of rain and snow in winter is frequently to can not be ignored, if you usually do not pay attention to maintenance, to use when you will feel very puzzled, recommended that owners must be careful maintenance, each time washing time in addition to wash the glass window, also had better use glass cleaning fluid to clean wiper, wiper strip like this the life of some of the president.



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