Before the Spring Festival, car maintenance key

A: to timely Buqi Baotai pressure tire

Experienced car traffic in the summer when the tire pressure is let go a little, to prevent high temperature has burst danger. In the fall of temperature is relatively low, to supplement the tire tire pressure, remain in the air pressure within the prescribed scope. It is best to prepare a barometer, periodic testing of the tire pressure, tire pressure is insufficient to inflation.

Autumn has come, rain and frost up, the road is wet and slippery also requires the tire can maintain enough friction, if the surface of the tire wear, to timely replacement of fetal, repeatedly repaired tire also try to change. Cold rubber tires are brittle and hard, and decrease the coefficient of friction, easy to leak, puncture, even if the new replacement tires, tire tread will often put the debris to clean up, check whether there are scratches, drum kit.

Two: – be careful joint green oxide battery

The battery is the most error prone areas in the fall, if it is not working properly, the engine will follow a problem, until not a car to worry too late. Battery holding no long-term natural discharge, overload will also affect the results. In addition, the aging of the battery electrode wiring produces green oxide, these green oxide will cause the engine power is insufficient. If you see a green sediment storage battery wiring, to use boiling water wash, then dry, spray for preventing the oxidation layer to protect the protective agent.

Three: the engine brake oil & oil antifreeze

The engine is used for a period of time, especially after the outgoing long-distance car, the engine will be deposited a layer of mud. For a long time, may cause the engine to increase fuel consumption, power down, and even cause damage to the engine. When change garments according to the season, to clean the engine.

At the same time to check the engine compartment oil, brake fluid and antifreeze, insufficient to add in time, in order to ensure the normal operation of vehicle. In the summer, many owners of used water instead of antifreeze, then remember to water with antifreeze. In addition to antifreeze replacement cycle is two years, the refrigerating fluid replacement cycle should be promptly replaced.

Four: air conditioning – preferably to a professional shop maintenance

The hot summer air conditioning in the long period of overload, air-conditioning condenser and the water tank condenser online have gathered a lot of impurities, not clean, will shorten the service life of air conditioning, but also easy to breed bacteria, causing the car smell generated mildew. If the air filter is too dirty, the best replacement, the effect will be greatly enhanced. Air conditioning cleaning and disassembly of the technology and the tool requirements higher, if it will lead to internal deformation of parts, recommended that owners of the best car maintenance repair shop, please professional workers cleaning.truck tyre

Five: the body is not only for beauty

Body paint is not only play a beautiful role, but also play a protective role in body. After a summer sun exposure, coupled with the golden week driving long distances, the paint will be subject to different degrees of damage. Autumn dew, rain is more, the surface of the car is very wet, if there are obvious scratches on the surface of car, to borrow the opportunity to resolve a comprehensive maintenance, in order to avoid accelerated corrosion in wet conditions, “wound” deterioration. Therefore, the first step is the autumn maintenance, car to do a clean surface, polishing, waxing full beauty.



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