Fuel filter basic maintenance of common sense

(fuel filter fuel filter replacement cycle)

The fuel filter is recommended every 10000 km of a replacement fuel filter, fuel tank with built-in 4~8 million kilometers replacement. The differences between different models of the maintenance cycle may be slightly.

Major maintenance, fuel filter, oil filter and air filter replacement, at the same time.

The disassembly and replacement fuel filter is more complex, not easy to operate with their own hands, by the special shop professional operation and installation.

Fuel filter (need to replace the fuel filter)

According to the fuel filter fuel filter can be divided into gasoline and diesel oil filter, fuel filter is mainly used for household automotive gasoline tank, filter and built-in and external.

The vehicle with the use of the growth of the age, mileage, fuel filter work over a long period of time, to reach a certain life cycle, will cause the motor speed, fuel consumption, noise increases to increase control performance, reduce.

(fuel filter fuel filter) note purchase

1, the purchase of goods, please be sure to check the car models, displacement and other information, to ensure that the correct model to buy accessories.truck tyre

2, in the maintenance of the fuel filter, oil filter, general, and at the same time to replace the air filter.

3, the quality of the fuel filter, fuel filter fuel quality often leads to poor, lack of motivation or even flameout automobile. No impurity filter, a long time, oil and fuel injection system will be corrosion.

4, when the feeling of speed decreased obviously, accelerate the engine, car unable to travel, we should think of fuel filter may have been blocked, the need for timely check.



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