Automobile skylight refinement

First, change the traditional mode of ventilation

The sunroof has changed the traditional form of ventilation, wind blowing in a stream of air, will be inside the turbid air out.

The car at high speed, the air flow around the car from the fast, when the roof is open, the car outside a zone of negative pressure, the air pressure inside and outside the car, will be able to take the car to the foul air, ventilation, to keep the fresh air in the car, let you feel the driving fun.

Two, but the car quickly within the fog

The use of skylights mist is a method of fast defrosting. Especially in the summer two season, a lot of rain, high humidity.

Car knows, if the side window in the process of driving car closed, will increase the temperature difference between inside and outside, the front windshield glass is easy to form fog.

Although the majority of vehicles are equipped with anti fog device, but the effect is not so obvious. Drivers only need to open the skylight roof ventilation to up position, can easily remove the front windshield fog, ensure traffic safety.

The use of roof ventilation, they do not have to worry about the car bad dirty environment, do not have to worry about the rain was blown into the car.

Three, rapid cooling to save energy

The use of skylights and energy-saving effect. In the hot summer, the car in the sun for an hour, the temperature inside the car can easily reach 70 degrees celsius. Open the door, a heat wave will blow against our faces, for many people, is a choice immediately open the air conditioner to reduce the temperature inside the car.

In fact, if you have a car sunroof version of the car, only need to open the skylight roof, running negative pressure formed in the process of using vehicle exhaust hot air can achieve rapid ventilation cooling purposes, the use of this method is 2-3 times faster than the use of automotive air conditioning cooling speed, but also save gasoline.

The four best time, open the sunroof

Early spring morning and evening is still chilly, one not careful will “move”. Then in order to ventilation without loss of the temperature inside the car, we need to open the sunroof.truck tyre

Because, the sunroof is installed on the top of the car, the principle of negative pressure will draw a lot of waste gas in the turbid entrenched, and hot air opening to form a gas exchange, you this is not the loss of the temperature inside the car can reach the effect of ventilation, good, then have it both ways.



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