Why oil is so important

Engine as the car’s heart, need to protect its excellent performance, can the time. Mobil oil series products, in the face of changing conditions and complex environment, as in the past, can provide excellent protection for your engine, and then upgrade your engine performance.truck tyre


Cruise: road driving conditions, the oil in the high temperature, so the fuel and water can not be accumulated in the oil.

High speed: fast speed and high speed make the temperature, and reduce the viscosity of oil, put forward higher request to the engine protection.


The frequent start and stop: oil is not warm enough, not because of water and fuel consumption at idle speed for a long time accumulated, causing corrosion and sludge.

Traffic jam: at high speed for a period of time after it encountered a traffic jam, can cause the engine heat stress increased.

Environmental Science

The cold weather: oil thickening under low temperature, reduce the need of pump, engine parts for longer periods of time to flow to the key to provide lubrication and protection.

The hot weather: in the hot temperatures, the oil is more difficult to cooling, oil temperature is too high to protect the engine moving parts to reduce.

Wet: in damp environment, water accumulated in the oil, can form the acidic substances, and corrosion of metal parts, and shorten the service life of oil.

Dust: dust and sand in oil, the engine will accelerate the wear of moving parts.

Engine technology

Direct injection engine and diesel soot particles: keep in the oil, if they are condensed into pieces, will lead to the wear of metal parts.

Turbocharger: low quality oil carbon formation on the turbocharger, thus leading to the turbocharger failure.

Fuel quality: using poor quality fuel oil will make the destruction of fuel composition of intrusion caused oil pollution, oil, and the formation of oil sludge.

Oil change time: now many vehicles longer oil change cycle of maintenance, which requires the use of high quality oil, in order to maintain the effectiveness of lubrication for longer periods of time.

Strict operation

Passenger: traction or heavy vehicle engine stress increase, oil lubrication requirements to provide a higher level of protection.

Car: fast and very high speed acceleration requirements oil work in harsh conditions, to provide protection for engine.



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