Note taking Seaview wedding

A, site selection

Hainan, Maldives, Phuket Island — in fact these locations the beautiful scenery of nature is not to mention, however, need attention is given to the environment is suitable for shooting, like the popular tourist city of Hainan, unless there is a private beach, or is subject to a variety of new visitors crowd.

Two, the selection of clothing

The shooting is the vital sea wedding photography clothing choices. Due to the impact of sand and sea breeze, in order to reduce unnecessary trouble, better shooting. When choosing a wedding dress, the best choice for those styles of relatively simple style, avoid the mobility of the tail wedding. In addition to choose lightsome dress fabrics, so that we can in the breeze with elegant aesthetic effect.

Sunshine, beach, clear water, blue sky, you want to shoot a perfect wedding in such a wonderful space, the best selection of the best color color and elegant dress, such as snow white, pink, light purple, shooting out of the effect with the Haitian com., much more beautiful and romantic.

Three, preparation

Seaview shooting wedding, regardless of where they have to face the problem of long-distance travel. In addition to the daily journey, the couple also need to prepare a lot of items, provide the perfect preparation for the wedding photography seascape. ‘

1, any wedding photos are necessary for underwear and couples dress, was filmed in Seaview wedding items necessary. In the preparation is to try to unify the new style of clothing.

2, carrying a pair of beautiful high-heeled shoes and a pair of pretty comfortable slippers, with different styles of sea and beach evening dress

3, to advance the new cutting hair and nails.

4, pay attention to sun Seaview wedding is the key, in addition to sunscreen can also bring an umbrella, sunscreen can be increased and can be described as shooting props.

5, the insects are more, and oil repellent must remember to bring.

Four, the preparation before filming

After the couple arrived at the location, do not rush to start shooting, first of all to ensure the rest, good mental state is sufficient, so as to capture the natural aesthetic of the wedding.



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