The bride wedding tips

Qi is the most common style skirt skirt dress skirt, usually put on a variety of different effects will bustle, peng. Skirt for a variety of size mm, especially the crotch wide hips, mm, wear this skirt is can play a very good effect of occlusion.

Where is the most eye-catching skirt, highlighting women’s elegant figure, be just perfect cut, slender waist and hang crotch form contrast, the bride’s slender figure is revealed. The bride figure beautiful do not miss a good opportunity to show the figure, in addition to wearing Mermaid Wedding is not convenient to walk, we must consider the bride Zhou Quano.

Type A skirt natural fashion, can match the display and bustle dignified and elegant, giving up his feeling, make a fresh and comfortable lovely bride. At the same time, suitable for any shape trait is an important cause of type A skirt popular.

The bride’s wedding dress is skirt fashion choice, because the short skirt design will reveal the bride slender legs, so having legs you must not evening dress

Tail wedding is a lot of girl’s choice, a bridal veil is generally divided into small and large tail in tail, tail wedding. Small tail short dress, walking light, suitable for all kinds of stature of the bride; the trailing nuptial dress skirt length is moderate, but need someone for the bride skirt tail wedding dress with big finish; fantastic long skirt, suitable for tall bride. General tail wedding wear walking, the body is too thin bride is not suitable for tail wedding bride are, must be carefully chosen.



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