Car waxing note

Do not waxing a new car. It was bought back to the vehicle after waxing the car, this is paltrily. Because the car itself has a paint layer protective layer of wax, wax will put the original early to get rid of the car wax surface, resulting in unnecessary waste, car waxing not generally eager to repurchase within five months.truck tyre

To get a good waxing frequency. Because the vehicle running environment, park place, waxing intervals should also be different. There are many garage Park, good roads and vehicles, each 3-4 months at a wax; open park vehicles, due to the wind and rain, the best every 2-3 months to fight a candle. Of course, this is not mandatory, the general feeling of his hands touch the body is not smooth, we can re waxing.

The best use of washing water, dirt and dust cleaning the body appearance before waxing. Do not blindly use detergent and soap and water, because of the sodium chloride containing the body paint, wax and erosion rubber, paint and dull, rubber aging. If there is no dedicated car wash water, you can clean vehicles, will dry the body after waxing.

Should to wax the car in the shade, ensure the body does not heat. Because with the increase of temperature, the wax poor adhesion, will affect the quality of wax.

Waxing, application of sponge coated with an appropriate amount of car wax, apply linear reciprocating on the body, not the wax liquid poured in the car or scribble a circle style painting; a continuous work to complete, can not be painted off; general wax evenly after 5-10min with new towels polished, but fast car wax the side edge polishing coating.

After the body waxing, some residual wax in the gap, license plate lamp, door and baggage compartment in the office, so it is very beautiful body. Wax scale of these places do not promptly clean, may also lead to corrosion. Therefore, after the wax wax scale must thoroughly clean, so waxing can be a perfect effect.

In short, as people need beauty care, also need to keep the car waxing, more beautiful, beautiful car.



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