Don’t forget the five winter car maintenance

1, do not forget to often open air conditioning

After the fall, the automobile air conditioning use less, because the refrigerant in the air conditioner stops working after hydration. Separated in the refrigeration system, fluoride acid is very corrosive, evaporator, condenser and other metal parts corrosion. After a summer, dust will remain more air conditioning air duct, air humidity and summer is large, will cause the air inside is wet, it will breed a lot of fungus. Also recommend cleaning an air at this time, the winter term can not open the window ventilation, will definitely affect the driving the indoor air quality, but also may cause respiratory system disease, in addition to air conditioning long downtime will make compressor seal dry adhesion, so the best 10-15 days to start a air conditioning.

2, do not forget to replace the antifreeze glass of water

Since the summer using a glass of water are generally not frost, and some friends would direct water instead of water glass. But as the weather turns cold, must change for the winter special anti freezing water glass. Because of the windscreen cleaning related to the driver’s sight and driving safety, so the choice of glass water must not be careless. Qualified water glass should also have the cleaning and freezing resistance, anti freezing effect not good glass of water will cause the glass of water ice in winter, will cause serious glass kettle on small water pump motor burned.

3, do not forget to check the oil type

The selection of oil viscosity should be as small as possible, but must be based on the local temperature and vehicle level to determine. If the oil viscosity is too high, will cause the engine cold start difficult cold start wear. Last friends with original oil, because each engine manufacturer’s engine manufacturing process, the manufacturer specified oil through the N test was selected.truck tyre

4, do not forget to check antifreeze

In summer, many drivers used to add water tap water instead of antifreeze, but autumn weather turns cool, especially in late autumn, when cold air comes, the temperature dropped, is likely to affect the normal work of automobile cooling system. Antifreeze replacement cycle for two to three years or is traveling three to forty thousand kilometers, the normal freezing point is at 35 degrees Celsius, the boiling point of 135 degrees celsius. Recommended 4S shop owners as soon as possible to check the freezing point of antifreeze, if non-compliance should be timely replacement of antifreeze. To remind you in filling antifreeze is carried out before the cleaning of the engine cooling system.

5, don’t forget the interior cleaning and maintenance

Due to high temperature, rainy summer, car carpet, rubber and other shelter caused a lot of bacteria, with the coming of autumn, often open the window no longer, the air inside will become turbid, odor, and odor and bacteria can cause harm to human health, therefore, in the season, it is necessary to do a complete interior sterilization and cleaning for your car. To do maintenance, the best professional cleaning agent with high temperature interior sauna machine, this can not only remove the dirt and smell inside the car, can effectively kill bacteria, cleared, and protective agent for the care interior, can make the car look.



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