Engine maintenance in winter

What are the effects at low temperature of engine oil?

Low temperature oil will thicken, unable to flow smoothly, and some will even completely stop the flow. This will take longer to flow to the key engine components to provide lubrication and protection. When the vehicle starts immediately after the start, likely to cause dry wear, in the course of time, will be pulled inside the cylinder, causing abnormal sound engine, idle jitter even serious oil burning phenomenon.truck tyre

Whether we use oil to protect the engine?

At low temperatures, mainly to see the liquidity of oil and anti wear ability. First you need to check the SAE level identifier to use oil, I believe the vast majority are chosen such as 5W-30 or 10W-40 like multi viscosity. General W in front of the smaller the number, the better mobility of oil, 5W can be applied to minus 30 degrees Celsius, 10W can better protect the engine at minus 25 celsius. Secondly we must distinguish between categories such as oil, synthetic oil, semi synthetic oil and mineral oil. Most of the mineral oil is paraffin base oil, when the wax molecules form crystallization at low temperatures, the oil will become very thick. Extension of the pumping oil flows through the engine time will also increase the workload, the car starting device and battery. In contrast, less wax content in a synthetic oil, has good liquidity, for example, 0W viscosity grade can resist the low temperature effect of minus 51 degrees Celsius, so that it can easily be pumped to various engine parts, so as to provide effective protection for automobile starting friction, make the engine more quickly start, helps to prolong the service life of the engine.

In addition to the attention of winter oil, what should we do?

The key inspection of storage battery. In cold weather, the starting power battery will be decreased significantly. At the same time, starting the car needed power will increase with the decrease of temperature. If your vehicle parked in the garage or open a few weeks without, should remove the battery, stored in a warmer room, to prevent ice damage to the battery. To ensure that all of the filter: filter, air filter and air filter are in good working condition, check antifreeze level and thermostat state, and check the antifreeze and the freezing point of water glass. In order to ensure the proper engine warm-up “”. In addition, when the car starts after 3-5 minutes, try to keep the engine running at low speed, in order to preheat the oil, so the entire engine in full circulation flow.



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