How to choose the car brake oil

The automobile brake fluid is called brake oil, is used to transfer the pressure of liquid automobile hydraulic brake system. Due to the reliable degree of the brake directly related to the. The brake fluid is related to the purchase enthusiasm for life safety, not to be taken lightly. The higher the level, the better safety.

The characteristics of brake fluid:

Truly qualified standard of brake fluid has several characteristics: flexible transmission braking force in high temperature, high speed, cold, hot and humid conditions; the braking system of metallic and non-metallic materials without corrosive; can effectively lubricate moving parts of the brake system, brake pump and prolong the service life of the leather bowl. So consumers select qualified brake fluid products are not only related to traffic safety, but also to extend the service life of the vehicle brake system is also very important.

The most common DOT3, DOT4 and DOT5.1 brake oil the main difference lies in the difference between the dry, wet boiling point, which is usually used to say “equilibrium reflux boiling point” and “the low boiling point”. If the boiling point of the brake fluid is too low, the system is easy to cause vaporization and gas resistance, causing the vehicle to slow or even brake braking failure. For DOT5.1 low temperature viscosity is small, especially to meet the requirements of the vehicle brake quickly in cold areas, most can meet the requirements of fast braking of vehicles in winter. And DOT4 and DOT3 for the warm season in turn.truck tyre

Note: consumers in the purchase of brake oil should pay attention to 3 aspects: first, the general qualified brake oil color is light yellow or dark yellow, if the brake oil is too thin can not be used, no color, transparent, can not be used; secondly, choose the reliable quality of the brand is a shortcut; finally, not too cheap to buy.



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