The importance of spark plug cleaning

1, avoid long-term clean coke

The spark plug is in use, the electrode and the skirt insulation experience had normal coke production, if these coke not long clean, will accumulate, eventually leading to the electrode leakage can not even jump. So should be regularly cleared coke, don’t wait for the spark plug to cleaning when not working.

2, avoid long-term use

The spark plug type is various, but all have their own economic life, if still use more than economic life, will not be conducive to the engine performance and fuel economy. Studies have shown that, with the extension of the spark plug use, the center electrode surface will change to the arc shape, the side is concave arc shape electrode to change, the shape will make electrode gap increases, and cause discharge difficult, affecting the normal work of the engine.

3, avoid arbitrary scaling

Some people in the engine spray or other maintenance silver, do not pay attention to the spark plug of clean appearance, the spark smudgy and leakage appearance. Clean appearance, not convenient, quick to use sandpaper, metal cleaning, and should be the spark plug into gasoline, with brush to remove the spark plug, to ensure the appearance of ceramic body is not damaged.

4, avoid fire

In reality, some people often use coke burning to remove the spark plug electrode and the skirt and oil, this seemingly effective method, it is very harmful. Because the fire difficult to control, temperature. It is easy to skirt insulator cracked, causing spark plug leakage, small cracks and fire generated are not easy to get rid of the faults found, cause a lot of trouble. Coke and oil the correct treatment of the spark plug is a special equipment for cleaning, there will be good results; two is the spark plug into the cleaning solution, soaking time of some alcohol or gasoline, when the coke after softening and then brush the hair net dry.

5, avoid cold and hot points

In addition to the spark plug in different shape, size variation, is divided into cold, heat type, medium type three. Generally, high compression ratio, high rotational speed of the engine to use the cold type spark plug; and low compression ratio, low speed of the engine to use the heat type spark plug, and a medium between the spark plug. In addition, the selection of the new engine spark plug or overhaul the engine with the old engine according to the actual situation is different.

6, avoid misdiagnosis from

The replacement of the spark plug or its suspected fault need to check, should be a normal operation in the engine after parking stall, remove the spark plug electrode to observe its color feature, can have the following conditions: one is the center electrode is red brown, near the electrode and was surrounded by a green gray, for the right selection of the spark plug; the two is between the electrodes erosion or burning phenomenon, a white skirt and an insulator burning state, that spark plug three is selection of overheating; electrode and insulator skirt with black stripes, the spark plug has leakage. The spark plug leakage or improper selection should re select the appropriate spark plug.

7, do not install tight

The spark plug installation must comply with the prescribed torque. With the special tool installation, normally does not exceed, but if the force is too large, excessive or wrench installation, often will damage the spark core or the screw buckle, expansion groove fracture caused spark plug scrap; but it can not be installed too loose, otherwise it will cause the engine not working properly.truck tyre



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