The spring and summer of six defense vehicles:

1, to prevent the mixture too thick

High summer temperatures, gas to flow, and the heat expansion hole, gas flow rate increase, and gasoline evaporation, causing the mixture too thick. Therefore, should the small hole heat, adjust the accelerator and throttle arm connecting position, appropriate to reduce the oil level, to reduce the amount of oil.truck tyre

2, anti air resistance

Summer gasoline engine fuel system due to temperature and gas resistance, fuel supply shortage or interruption of supply. In order to prevent air resistance, usable asbestos gasket will fuel pump and the exhaust pipe is separated, or with a damp cloth will cover the gasoline pump cooling.

3, anti evaporation

Under high temperature, the evaporation of oil and water will increase, the tank cover to cover tightly, the tubing to prevent oil leakage; always check the water level of the water tank, the crankcase oil level, height, height of brake fluid level and accumulator brake master cylinder within the electrolyte level etc.. The timing of non-compliance should be timely, add and adjust.

4, to prevent overheating

In order to prevent overheating of the engine produces, maintenance should be paid attention to when the fan belt can not be contaminated with oil, to prevent slipping, to maintain a certain degree of tight belt. Long distance driving to pay attention to timely rest, try to choose the shade to rest, and open the ventilation hood. When the tire pressure is increased due to heat and cooling, should immediately stop, otherwise it has burst danger, special attention shall pour of the method with deflation or to reduce the tire pressure and temperature.

5, to prevent spontaneous combustion, explosion

When the high temperature heat slowly, often because of the high temperature of the tank car and affect the normal engine power output, and may even cause the engine not working properly.

High temperature also makes some parts expansion deformation, light will accelerate parts wear, that will burn out the parts. At the same time, the long time use of vehicle electrical appliances, air conditioning system will lead to overheating of circuit system of the automobile, if all kinds of wire or the resistance box usually pay attention to maintenance, serious overheating and even lead to auto ignition.

6, to prevent bad lubrication

Lubricating oil to heat thinning, oxidation resistance variation, easy to deteriorate, even cause the burning bush fault. Therefore, the crankcase and gear box for summer oil, always check the oil quantity, oil quality, and timely replacement.



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