Try on the wedding note

1 do not take your mother and future mother-in-law.

What do you wear in the mother and husband usually say good-looking, and slightly more fashionable and the elderly do not accept, the most important thing is not a good bargain. So please friends to accompany you better, will give you advice, appreciation and almost.

2 buy wedding wedding venue

For example, trailing only in the wedding banquet hall to wear that large effect, small office or guest is too much red carpet would be too narrow, the tail can not be completely turned on, will be very ugly. Can the bridal gown with the same store, this generally good bargain.

3 includes a variety of supporting small accessories

The wedding dress is an indispensable fashion dress, now in the price and style compared with the past, there have been great changes, even the same dress, the dress shop and clothing store are given different prices, so we must decide on the price after the wedding, then go with the dress.

And match with the dress accessories is also very important, like underwear, necklace, bracelet or something, the cost is also very alarming. Choose and dress these ornaments, should from the normal time to accumulate, that is to say to Taohuo, only in this way, dress out of you is unique, otherwise the bride follow the same pattern no more! Your little jewelry does not mean good, for it is the most important, as their own the other half of their lives, for their loyalty to.

4 girls have long hair do bride

Perhaps many fairy stories I grew up watching movies, or what, we always think that the bride should be long hair. Some people are not suitable for long hair, short hair, the bride also do not have a taste. But the bride in the shape of hair must be done before several experiments, it is easy to find such things for your wedding dress

The marriage gauze that 5 try as much as possible?

Every girl has a greedy heart, try wedding that try as much as possible, every piece of the best try all over, it will not feel regret. In fact, this is completely mistaken. Because each try for a wedding dress, will have different feelings, sometimes try too much, you think this is good, that is good, but let her confused. Some even think the test is not good, it also affected the joyful mood, especially in different style wedding dress shop fitting, more so that you can not find the feeling. The best way is to find a style before, and then try, try 2 to 3 sets of general line.



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