Suit to wear

Suit to wear: flat collar

The back of the collar area must be flat, and next to the neck part must not have folding and uplift.

Suit to wear: long coat

The coat hem part must be able to cover the buttocks. But wearing the dress, dress the part must not be split open state. If this is the case, only that the clothes are too tight, size is too small, please choose a large size.

Suit to wear: perfect waist

The waistband to just above the waist line.

Suit to wear the dress: shoulder

The shoulders of the coat to wrap your shoulder is appropriate, if the shoulder jacket wider than your shoulders too many clothes, would seem too hypertrophy and affect the overall wedding dress


Try on the wedding note

1 do not take your mother and future mother-in-law.

What do you wear in the mother and husband usually say good-looking, and slightly more fashionable and the elderly do not accept, the most important thing is not a good bargain. So please friends to accompany you better, will give you advice, appreciation and almost.

2 buy wedding wedding venue

For example, trailing only in the wedding banquet hall to wear that large effect, small office or guest is too much red carpet would be too narrow, the tail can not be completely turned on, will be very ugly. Can the bridal gown with the same store, this generally good bargain.

3 includes a variety of supporting small accessories

The wedding dress is an indispensable fashion dress, now in the price and style compared with the past, there have been great changes, even the same dress, the dress shop and clothing store are given different prices, so we must decide on the price after the wedding, then go with the dress.

And match with the dress accessories is also very important, like underwear, necklace, bracelet or something, the cost is also very alarming. Choose and dress these ornaments, should from the normal time to accumulate, that is to say to Taohuo, only in this way, dress out of you is unique, otherwise the bride follow the same pattern no more! Your little jewelry does not mean good, for it is the most important, as their own the other half of their lives, for their loyalty to.

4 girls have long hair do bride

Perhaps many fairy stories I grew up watching movies, or what, we always think that the bride should be long hair. Some people are not suitable for long hair, short hair, the bride also do not have a taste. But the bride in the shape of hair must be done before several experiments, it is easy to find such things for your wedding dress

The marriage gauze that 5 try as much as possible?

Every girl has a greedy heart, try wedding that try as much as possible, every piece of the best try all over, it will not feel regret. In fact, this is completely mistaken. Because each try for a wedding dress, will have different feelings, sometimes try too much, you think this is good, that is good, but let her confused. Some even think the test is not good, it also affected the joyful mood, especially in different style wedding dress shop fitting, more so that you can not find the feeling. The best way is to find a style before, and then try, try 2 to 3 sets of general line.


The importance of spark plug cleaning

1, avoid long-term clean coke

The spark plug is in use, the electrode and the skirt insulation experience had normal coke production, if these coke not long clean, will accumulate, eventually leading to the electrode leakage can not even jump. So should be regularly cleared coke, don’t wait for the spark plug to cleaning when not working.

2, avoid long-term use

The spark plug type is various, but all have their own economic life, if still use more than economic life, will not be conducive to the engine performance and fuel economy. Studies have shown that, with the extension of the spark plug use, the center electrode surface will change to the arc shape, the side is concave arc shape electrode to change, the shape will make electrode gap increases, and cause discharge difficult, affecting the normal work of the engine.

3, avoid arbitrary scaling

Some people in the engine spray or other maintenance silver, do not pay attention to the spark plug of clean appearance, the spark smudgy and leakage appearance. Clean appearance, not convenient, quick to use sandpaper, metal cleaning, and should be the spark plug into gasoline, with brush to remove the spark plug, to ensure the appearance of ceramic body is not damaged.

4, avoid fire

In reality, some people often use coke burning to remove the spark plug electrode and the skirt and oil, this seemingly effective method, it is very harmful. Because the fire difficult to control, temperature. It is easy to skirt insulator cracked, causing spark plug leakage, small cracks and fire generated are not easy to get rid of the faults found, cause a lot of trouble. Coke and oil the correct treatment of the spark plug is a special equipment for cleaning, there will be good results; two is the spark plug into the cleaning solution, soaking time of some alcohol or gasoline, when the coke after softening and then brush the hair net dry.

5, avoid cold and hot points

In addition to the spark plug in different shape, size variation, is divided into cold, heat type, medium type three. Generally, high compression ratio, high rotational speed of the engine to use the cold type spark plug; and low compression ratio, low speed of the engine to use the heat type spark plug, and a medium between the spark plug. In addition, the selection of the new engine spark plug or overhaul the engine with the old engine according to the actual situation is different.

6, avoid misdiagnosis from

The replacement of the spark plug or its suspected fault need to check, should be a normal operation in the engine after parking stall, remove the spark plug electrode to observe its color feature, can have the following conditions: one is the center electrode is red brown, near the electrode and was surrounded by a green gray, for the right selection of the spark plug; the two is between the electrodes erosion or burning phenomenon, a white skirt and an insulator burning state, that spark plug three is selection of overheating; electrode and insulator skirt with black stripes, the spark plug has leakage. The spark plug leakage or improper selection should re select the appropriate spark plug.

7, do not install tight

The spark plug installation must comply with the prescribed torque. With the special tool installation, normally does not exceed, but if the force is too large, excessive or wrench installation, often will damage the spark core or the screw buckle, expansion groove fracture caused spark plug scrap; but it can not be installed too loose, otherwise it will cause the engine not working properly.truck tyre


How to maintain the power steering system?

The function of the automobile steering system is in accordance with the direction of travel of the vehicle driver will control. The vehicle steering system is critical to the security of automobile. Power steering is to assist the driver to adjust the direction of vehicle, reduce the force strength, hit the steering wheel for drivers of course, the power steering system also plays a role in safety, economy car on. The current configuration of the automobile power steering system, which can be roughly divided into three categories: one is the mechanical hydraulic power steering system; an electronic hydraulic power steering system; another kind of electric power steering system. Different types of power steering system maintenance is also different.

For mechanical and hydraulic, the usual check must pay more attention to the power steering direction of oil in oil can not lack, in addition, try not to shoot bending time is too long. Usually, pay attention to whether heavy steering, whether there is a noise phenomenon. If this is the case, please check the similar pump type V with internal pressure, and other aspects of the problem. While the electronic hydraulic type, usually also want to pay attention to what direction of oil, when the warning lights, must pay attention to check. For electric power system, although the structure is relatively simple, but it is not the naked eye can see through the maintenance; if the direction of heavy, butingshihuan problem, way is to take the measurement instrument.

How to change a direction of oil

General car manufacturers are not strictly regulated in the direction of oil replacement cycle. Most automotive maintenance repair shop will refer to other sectors of the service enterprises, learn from each other. There are more standardized enterprise will require reference to large foreign automobile company car maintenance, and combined with the provisions of the reasonable factors of China’s road conditions, air quality and use of personnel technical level etc.. In order to prevent the direction of oil too dirty or bad and cause other consequences, that every 40000-50000 km or 2-3 years to replace a direction of oil.

How to change the direction of oil

If it is found that the direction of oil in the following scale, color thinning oil or oil become black, it means to change the direction of oil.truck tyre

1, change the direction of oil, the first car name, pumping the old oil suction clean.

2, the new direction of oil injection, and then rotates the steering wheel, so that the new oil permeability, it can also play the role of cleaning. In order to penetrate thoroughly, owners of the best greatly around the turn direction, then, then slightly turning left and right direction. However, experts advise, and the steering wheel is designed to discharge to the old oil in the machine, but not long time steering wheel, otherwise it will lead to excessive oil pressure, oil ejecting direction.

3, again will turn to the oil can suck the oil, then pour into the new direction of oil, then again, turn the steering wheel.

4, third times the direction of oil suction, the repeated operation is to ensure that the old oil is completely clean. And then add new oil. The expert reminds, no oil is mixed with.

5, the name of the car, you will hear a slight “Hula” sound, never mind, this is the oil in circulation, it will slowly recover silent. The expert reminds, not for a long time to empty oil in a car, otherwise it will damage the booster pump.


Does not recommend the use of gearbox oil instead of oil, because the two kinds of different oil viscosity, oil molecular structure is different, different functions, messes up the steering gear. Of course the short time is to look not to come out. Because of damage to the steering machine internal rubber bowl, then will continue to oil leakage. Inside the rubber bowl, then will continue to oil leakage.


Engine maintenance in winter

What are the effects at low temperature of engine oil?

Low temperature oil will thicken, unable to flow smoothly, and some will even completely stop the flow. This will take longer to flow to the key engine components to provide lubrication and protection. When the vehicle starts immediately after the start, likely to cause dry wear, in the course of time, will be pulled inside the cylinder, causing abnormal sound engine, idle jitter even serious oil burning phenomenon.truck tyre

Whether we use oil to protect the engine?

At low temperatures, mainly to see the liquidity of oil and anti wear ability. First you need to check the SAE level identifier to use oil, I believe the vast majority are chosen such as 5W-30 or 10W-40 like multi viscosity. General W in front of the smaller the number, the better mobility of oil, 5W can be applied to minus 30 degrees Celsius, 10W can better protect the engine at minus 25 celsius. Secondly we must distinguish between categories such as oil, synthetic oil, semi synthetic oil and mineral oil. Most of the mineral oil is paraffin base oil, when the wax molecules form crystallization at low temperatures, the oil will become very thick. Extension of the pumping oil flows through the engine time will also increase the workload, the car starting device and battery. In contrast, less wax content in a synthetic oil, has good liquidity, for example, 0W viscosity grade can resist the low temperature effect of minus 51 degrees Celsius, so that it can easily be pumped to various engine parts, so as to provide effective protection for automobile starting friction, make the engine more quickly start, helps to prolong the service life of the engine.

In addition to the attention of winter oil, what should we do?

The key inspection of storage battery. In cold weather, the starting power battery will be decreased significantly. At the same time, starting the car needed power will increase with the decrease of temperature. If your vehicle parked in the garage or open a few weeks without, should remove the battery, stored in a warmer room, to prevent ice damage to the battery. To ensure that all of the filter: filter, air filter and air filter are in good working condition, check antifreeze level and thermostat state, and check the antifreeze and the freezing point of water glass. In order to ensure the proper engine warm-up “”. In addition, when the car starts after 3-5 minutes, try to keep the engine running at low speed, in order to preheat the oil, so the entire engine in full circulation flow.


How to choose the car brake oil

The automobile brake fluid is called brake oil, is used to transfer the pressure of liquid automobile hydraulic brake system. Due to the reliable degree of the brake directly related to the. The brake fluid is related to the purchase enthusiasm for life safety, not to be taken lightly. The higher the level, the better safety.

The characteristics of brake fluid:

Truly qualified standard of brake fluid has several characteristics: flexible transmission braking force in high temperature, high speed, cold, hot and humid conditions; the braking system of metallic and non-metallic materials without corrosive; can effectively lubricate moving parts of the brake system, brake pump and prolong the service life of the leather bowl. So consumers select qualified brake fluid products are not only related to traffic safety, but also to extend the service life of the vehicle brake system is also very important.

The most common DOT3, DOT4 and DOT5.1 brake oil the main difference lies in the difference between the dry, wet boiling point, which is usually used to say “equilibrium reflux boiling point” and “the low boiling point”. If the boiling point of the brake fluid is too low, the system is easy to cause vaporization and gas resistance, causing the vehicle to slow or even brake braking failure. For DOT5.1 low temperature viscosity is small, especially to meet the requirements of the vehicle brake quickly in cold areas, most can meet the requirements of fast braking of vehicles in winter. And DOT4 and DOT3 for the warm season in turn.truck tyre

Note: consumers in the purchase of brake oil should pay attention to 3 aspects: first, the general qualified brake oil color is light yellow or dark yellow, if the brake oil is too thin can not be used, no color, transparent, can not be used; secondly, choose the reliable quality of the brand is a shortcut; finally, not too cheap to buy.


Don’t forget the five winter car maintenance

1, do not forget to often open air conditioning

After the fall, the automobile air conditioning use less, because the refrigerant in the air conditioner stops working after hydration. Separated in the refrigeration system, fluoride acid is very corrosive, evaporator, condenser and other metal parts corrosion. After a summer, dust will remain more air conditioning air duct, air humidity and summer is large, will cause the air inside is wet, it will breed a lot of fungus. Also recommend cleaning an air at this time, the winter term can not open the window ventilation, will definitely affect the driving the indoor air quality, but also may cause respiratory system disease, in addition to air conditioning long downtime will make compressor seal dry adhesion, so the best 10-15 days to start a air conditioning.

2, do not forget to replace the antifreeze glass of water

Since the summer using a glass of water are generally not frost, and some friends would direct water instead of water glass. But as the weather turns cold, must change for the winter special anti freezing water glass. Because of the windscreen cleaning related to the driver’s sight and driving safety, so the choice of glass water must not be careless. Qualified water glass should also have the cleaning and freezing resistance, anti freezing effect not good glass of water will cause the glass of water ice in winter, will cause serious glass kettle on small water pump motor burned.

3, do not forget to check the oil type

The selection of oil viscosity should be as small as possible, but must be based on the local temperature and vehicle level to determine. If the oil viscosity is too high, will cause the engine cold start difficult cold start wear. Last friends with original oil, because each engine manufacturer’s engine manufacturing process, the manufacturer specified oil through the N test was selected.truck tyre

4, do not forget to check antifreeze

In summer, many drivers used to add water tap water instead of antifreeze, but autumn weather turns cool, especially in late autumn, when cold air comes, the temperature dropped, is likely to affect the normal work of automobile cooling system. Antifreeze replacement cycle for two to three years or is traveling three to forty thousand kilometers, the normal freezing point is at 35 degrees Celsius, the boiling point of 135 degrees celsius. Recommended 4S shop owners as soon as possible to check the freezing point of antifreeze, if non-compliance should be timely replacement of antifreeze. To remind you in filling antifreeze is carried out before the cleaning of the engine cooling system.

5, don’t forget the interior cleaning and maintenance

Due to high temperature, rainy summer, car carpet, rubber and other shelter caused a lot of bacteria, with the coming of autumn, often open the window no longer, the air inside will become turbid, odor, and odor and bacteria can cause harm to human health, therefore, in the season, it is necessary to do a complete interior sterilization and cleaning for your car. To do maintenance, the best professional cleaning agent with high temperature interior sauna machine, this can not only remove the dirt and smell inside the car, can effectively kill bacteria, cleared, and protective agent for the care interior, can make the car look.