Keep in mind the four winter car maintenance

1 not to flush the interior

Many private car owners will choose to wash the car during the holidays, while washing water body, the side with the dishcloth. This needs to remind private owners, do not use water to flush directly inside the body. Dirty mat can use vacuum cleaner or out with a brush and cleaning brush clean dry and then put in. The cab floor pad groove under the through hole is very much, the water will not own dry, but corrosion to the gearbox and other parts from the through hole. The correct approach is to use a vacuum cleaner is clean, reoccupy dishcloth, avoid seeper.

2 do not mix different brands use coolant

When the car is insufficient cooling liquid, if you panic into the cooling liquid of different brands? If it is, or persuade you to go as early as possible to the cooling liquid coolant, and re add the same brand. Because the cooling liquid of different brands of its chemical properties may vary. The properties of the preservatives could have on other properties of preservatives have a corrosive effect. The cooling liquid of different brands of different preservatives used, must not be mixed, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble.

3 don’t oil the tire bolt nut

When the bicycle bolt rust, we usually oiled, so it can work normally. What about the car? Some owners in order to prevent the bolt nut on the wheel will rust, the ingenuity of the bolt and nut apply lubricant, but this is not only wrong, but also to bring some traffic safety hidden in the car at high speed, bolt and nut is easy to loose and fall off, causing traffic accidents. Because the bolt and nut, self-locking characteristics between. Superfluous action, absolutely not.

4 EFI car starts not to step on the gas

EFI car is different from the ordinary car, the fuel injection control device can automatically adjust the fuel according to the temperature of the engine, the engine operating conditions, a smooth start. The cold weather conditions, most owners will be on several feet in throttle before starting the engine, but this method is not suitable for electric cars. The car equipped with electronically controlled fuel injection EFI engine, can automatically increase the amount of oil, according to the method of ordinary cars to oil will cause the engine to start the bad.

truck tyre:


Tire winter maintenance tips

The autumn and the winter, cold and dry airflow through the normal pavement becomes hard and slippery, water will soon become smooth ice. Road conditions such frequent collision and steering control. A few days after the snow even encountered snow, the road slippery and rolling after a strong ice test, as drivers you and your car tire performance.

The winter snow and ice road, in fact, driving technology is only one aspect, and the performance of the vehicle and tyre choice is also an important factor, so in winter, how to protect the tire?

Don’t intentionally lower tire pressure. Some people tend to think that winter, the wheel tire pressure should be lower, in order to increase the tire and the ground contact area, so that frictional force increases, relatively safe. In fact, this idea is not suitable for the current situation. Before the tire pressure is generally higher in winter, lower tire pressure is correct; but now the vehicle due to the need for comfort, normal tire pressure has been relatively low, if the blood pressure, tire easily damaged. So in winter the tires of the vehicle in accordance with the standard stamping line.

The matching of each car tire has a corresponding tire pressure, its level is directly affect the performance of the tire and reflect, and to a certain extent affect fuel consumption. The general vehicle at the front side will have the tyre pressure value display, this is what you need to continually check the number. The tire pressure is too high or too low will affect the service life of the tire, but the most important is the grip. Excessive tire pressure will not only increase the burst danger, the other will be in the form of central tire ground contact protruding, into the whole car tire grip was reduced, when the emergency brake cannot provide enough friction to brake the vehicle. Low tire pressure also makes contact with the ground on both sides of the outer edge of the tire, cannot become the tread ground contact. The increase in tire wall wear also cannot provide enough grip area, the risk is less than the high pressure driving. And often wear a sidewall portion of the thin tire will directly lead to early retirement. The best week in the cold tire with tire pressure table to check the tire pressure to protect four, before and after the tread on each side are fully contact with the ground, to achieve the best grip, but also reduce the vibration, increase the driving comfort and fuel saving.truck tyre

Long time driving the ice road to change tyres. Usually, the car manufacturers in the vehicle factory to the vehicle assembly are all-weather tires, the tire normal driving conditions to cope with the common road conditions are no problem, so the seasons. But the performance is actually a compromise characteristic of summer tyres and winter tyres, so in order to get the excellent driving effect but also the use of special tire to use. Such as “snow tires” specially developed a deep tread, but only in the low temperature, snow and ice can exhibit good adhesion strengths, so long time the ice road driving can be replaced “snow tires”.

Daily check and check the tire on the way. No matter what the season can not ignore the daily maintenance of tires, tires regularly check whether there is a tie nail, cut valve, rubber aging, cracking phenomenon, found that after the timely repair or replacement, to prevent the loss of gas driving.

We should always clean up the tread of inclusion in winter, hard to avoid debris in the tire pattern, the tire is broken or discouraged. When a car is running, foreign tread inevitably mingled broken stones, if not removed, a long time, some of them will fall off, but there are quite a few more “stubborn” card, in the pattern of deeper, when the tire wear to a certain extent, these even small stones will pierce the carcass, resulting in a flat tire or blowout. Should try to avoid rolling to dry glass, nails, foreign branches and other hard convex. Now the family car in the factory is equipped with the basic radial tire, the airtight layer and the tire is closely linked, no inner tube, so in the accidental puncture tires when the internal gas will not suddenly leak, but slow. But when the pressure is reduced to a certain extent, the deformation will tread on both sides of the increase, excessive wear tread, carcass will eventually be distorted due to resist excessive pressure, finally led to the blowout.


The spring and summer of six defense vehicles:

1, to prevent the mixture too thick

High summer temperatures, gas to flow, and the heat expansion hole, gas flow rate increase, and gasoline evaporation, causing the mixture too thick. Therefore, should the small hole heat, adjust the accelerator and throttle arm connecting position, appropriate to reduce the oil level, to reduce the amount of oil.truck tyre

2, anti air resistance

Summer gasoline engine fuel system due to temperature and gas resistance, fuel supply shortage or interruption of supply. In order to prevent air resistance, usable asbestos gasket will fuel pump and the exhaust pipe is separated, or with a damp cloth will cover the gasoline pump cooling.

3, anti evaporation

Under high temperature, the evaporation of oil and water will increase, the tank cover to cover tightly, the tubing to prevent oil leakage; always check the water level of the water tank, the crankcase oil level, height, height of brake fluid level and accumulator brake master cylinder within the electrolyte level etc.. The timing of non-compliance should be timely, add and adjust.

4, to prevent overheating

In order to prevent overheating of the engine produces, maintenance should be paid attention to when the fan belt can not be contaminated with oil, to prevent slipping, to maintain a certain degree of tight belt. Long distance driving to pay attention to timely rest, try to choose the shade to rest, and open the ventilation hood. When the tire pressure is increased due to heat and cooling, should immediately stop, otherwise it has burst danger, special attention shall pour of the method with deflation or to reduce the tire pressure and temperature.

5, to prevent spontaneous combustion, explosion

When the high temperature heat slowly, often because of the high temperature of the tank car and affect the normal engine power output, and may even cause the engine not working properly.

High temperature also makes some parts expansion deformation, light will accelerate parts wear, that will burn out the parts. At the same time, the long time use of vehicle electrical appliances, air conditioning system will lead to overheating of circuit system of the automobile, if all kinds of wire or the resistance box usually pay attention to maintenance, serious overheating and even lead to auto ignition.

6, to prevent bad lubrication

Lubricating oil to heat thinning, oxidation resistance variation, easy to deteriorate, even cause the burning bush fault. Therefore, the crankcase and gear box for summer oil, always check the oil quantity, oil quality, and timely replacement.


Car waxing note

Do not waxing a new car. It was bought back to the vehicle after waxing the car, this is paltrily. Because the car itself has a paint layer protective layer of wax, wax will put the original early to get rid of the car wax surface, resulting in unnecessary waste, car waxing not generally eager to repurchase within five months.truck tyre

To get a good waxing frequency. Because the vehicle running environment, park place, waxing intervals should also be different. There are many garage Park, good roads and vehicles, each 3-4 months at a wax; open park vehicles, due to the wind and rain, the best every 2-3 months to fight a candle. Of course, this is not mandatory, the general feeling of his hands touch the body is not smooth, we can re waxing.

The best use of washing water, dirt and dust cleaning the body appearance before waxing. Do not blindly use detergent and soap and water, because of the sodium chloride containing the body paint, wax and erosion rubber, paint and dull, rubber aging. If there is no dedicated car wash water, you can clean vehicles, will dry the body after waxing.

Should to wax the car in the shade, ensure the body does not heat. Because with the increase of temperature, the wax poor adhesion, will affect the quality of wax.

Waxing, application of sponge coated with an appropriate amount of car wax, apply linear reciprocating on the body, not the wax liquid poured in the car or scribble a circle style painting; a continuous work to complete, can not be painted off; general wax evenly after 5-10min with new towels polished, but fast car wax the side edge polishing coating.

After the body waxing, some residual wax in the gap, license plate lamp, door and baggage compartment in the office, so it is very beautiful body. Wax scale of these places do not promptly clean, may also lead to corrosion. Therefore, after the wax wax scale must thoroughly clean, so waxing can be a perfect effect.

In short, as people need beauty care, also need to keep the car waxing, more beautiful, beautiful car.


Why the bride marriage yarn

White yarn cutting bride’s veil are selected as white as snow and white, very light, the wind flowing, the bride wearing is very beautiful, holy, with different veil dress will show different body beauty, it is so many in the bride’s wedding to choose the evening dress

About the origin of the bride dressed wearing veil, there are many other allusions legend.

1, early Christians, or the bride wearing a white veil, to express pure and celebrate; or wear blue veil, as if the purity of Saint Maria.

2, according to rumors, Nelly Wallers was betrothed to see her standing in the silk curtains, greatly surprised. It gave her a white yarn in the wedding inspiration, at the same time there is a gust of wind.

3, before the date of marriage, the bride face to hide until the end of the wedding, the groom cannot because the bride ugly and an annulment.

4, in some western culture in the wedding is to protect the bride from evil spirits.


What are the benefits of Winter Wedding

Peak wedding more enjoyable

As the peak of the wedding, wedding in October the collective situation get together staged annually in the same hotel, at the same time there may be several wedding, not only let the wedding wedding car will be confused, let friends split, lead to wedding popularity is not high.

In winter the wedding do not have to worry about this problem, winter friends will have more time for the wedding, do not have to go. People need not worry about it too much for the wedding, you can enjoy a good time.

Affordable choice

Want to catch in the season to get married, it is a wedding or hotel choose wedding, price will be higher, as the economic base is not rich new pressure.

In the winter and relatively deserted wedding, whether it is the hotel standard meal or wedding photography series, the price will be lower than the wedding season. If the early booking, choice of hotel, the wedding will be more, more likely to choose to the satisfaction of the hotel and wedding etc..

The exclusive service of high quality

Wedding season will inevitably encounter various crowded, chaotic scenes always have greatly reduced the quality of services, such as many wedding the couple met shooting schedule delay, or several couples taken at the same time, the final result that inevitably cast doubt on the photo. The same concerns will appear in the wedding planning, wedding makeup and so on evening dress

Catch in the off-season to get married, the staff do not have to hurry, naturally have more time and energy to provide better quality services, for the couple.

Many wonderful days in winter

Winter weddings, festivals also come one after another, people can not only enjoy a variety of preferential festive wedding, let your joy, happiness doubled.

In general, the winter wedding can not only save the cost of the wedding couple, also can make the wedding more smooth, more important is to let every guest to attend the wedding.


Note taking Seaview wedding

A, site selection

Hainan, Maldives, Phuket Island — in fact these locations the beautiful scenery of nature is not to mention, however, need attention is given to the environment is suitable for shooting, like the popular tourist city of Hainan, unless there is a private beach, or is subject to a variety of new visitors crowd.

Two, the selection of clothing

The shooting is the vital sea wedding photography clothing choices. Due to the impact of sand and sea breeze, in order to reduce unnecessary trouble, better shooting. When choosing a wedding dress, the best choice for those styles of relatively simple style, avoid the mobility of the tail wedding. In addition to choose lightsome dress fabrics, so that we can in the breeze with elegant aesthetic effect.

Sunshine, beach, clear water, blue sky, you want to shoot a perfect wedding in such a wonderful space, the best selection of the best color color and elegant dress, such as snow white, pink, light purple, shooting out of the effect with the Haitian com., much more beautiful and romantic.

Three, preparation

Seaview shooting wedding, regardless of where they have to face the problem of long-distance travel. In addition to the daily journey, the couple also need to prepare a lot of items, provide the perfect preparation for the wedding photography seascape. ‘

1, any wedding photos are necessary for underwear and couples dress, was filmed in Seaview wedding items necessary. In the preparation is to try to unify the new style of clothing.

2, carrying a pair of beautiful high-heeled shoes and a pair of pretty comfortable slippers, with different styles of sea and beach evening dress

3, to advance the new cutting hair and nails.

4, pay attention to sun Seaview wedding is the key, in addition to sunscreen can also bring an umbrella, sunscreen can be increased and can be described as shooting props.

5, the insects are more, and oil repellent must remember to bring.

Four, the preparation before filming

After the couple arrived at the location, do not rush to start shooting, first of all to ensure the rest, good mental state is sufficient, so as to capture the natural aesthetic of the wedding.